ReLab is a healthcare center offering top-tier, tailored physical therapy to every patient.

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By tackling the root causes instead of just the symptoms, ReLab can fast-track your progress and set you on a path to better health, not just a quick fix.


Satisfied customers

ReBella specializes in non-invasive body sculpting and aesthetic treatments, harnessing the power of Indiba radiofrequency technology.

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We're passionate about our work, investing time and resources in education and technology to achieve outcomes that outperform conventional treatments. Years of experience have brought us numerous satisfied patients who recommend us to friends and family, serving as our daily motivation to keep pushing forward.






Belief in your body

ReLab believes in the power of your body. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all protocols for every condition and person. Our approach is both effective and gentle, but most importantly – always tailored to you. We believe your body has enough power for a full recovery. At ReLab, we'll provide you with the tools and techniques to speed up tissue regeneration and achieve excellent rehabilitation results.

Customized treatment

Trust our knowledge and experience, and together we'll find the best treatment approach for you. Don't worry about the type of therapy; we always choose the techniques, exercises, and electrotherapy procedures that best suit your condition. We're dynamic and continually assess progress with the aim of faster recovery and, if needed, timely integration of a multidisciplinary team and additional specialist or diagnostic procedures.

Methodical and focused approach

At ReLab, we're not in a hurry because we understand that the body regenerates gradually, and we respect that process. With skilled hands and modern technologies, we relieve pain and then gradually restore lost function. We encourage you to be active and enhance your physical performance. Often, our patients engage in recreational activities like running, cycling, long walks, etc., for the first time in their lives after rehabilitation. The positive, motivating atmosphere during treatment leads to a lasting increase in personal activities, which delights us because we believe it's the right path to a healthier, longer, and better quality of life.